Work Shorts - Top brands, all trades (2024)

For those occasions where it is too warm or impractical to wear trousers, work shorts can be an excellent alternative. Workwear shorts range in material, length, and colour and are certainly a worthwhile investment for those working in high temperatures consistently. Shorts are also highly desirable for many professions as they offer fantastic freedom of movement. In addition, if you are out and about and come across a short rain shower, shorts stay light and don’t cling to the leg. Their quick-drying qualities also make them highly practical.

Our full range of work shorts for men and women covers a variety of different fits and styles - from classic knee length shorts to ¾ length shorts, each catering to practical requirements and the wearers preferred style and look.

Materials and features used in our Womens and Mens Work Shorts

Shorts need to be practical for the task at hand. We have shorts specifically intended for certain industries with varying characteristics such as including holster pockets for additional storage space. At the same time, you will find products in the range where the nail pockets and ruler pockets on the shorts actually utilise Kevlar® and Cordura to ensure that small items don’t puncture the bottom of said pockets. Use of Kevlar and similar reinforcement materials like ripstop and cordura in the build, allows the lifespan of the shorts to increase. This effect is only exacerbated further by the triple-stitched seams many of our work shorts have.

Especially useful to those workers who need high levels of freedom of movement to carry out their job roles are stretch shorts. Usually using either 2-way stretch or 4-way stretch, these shorts enable the wearer to move unrestricted and not worry about compromising their shorts with tears, creases or rips. Similarly, elastic waist work shorts keep their form and fit for longer, aiding both ease of movement and product longevity. More casual styled work environments such as indoor construction sites or carpenters working indoors would pair well with denim stretch shorts as they can still hold the tools they need thanks to utility and holster pockets, yet they can also come across as stylish by wearing denim; a great balance of style and function.

A range of Hi Vis Work Shorts colours

Whether it is because of a personal sense of style or a set uniform requirement, we understand that most workers may have a certain short colour in mind. Across our ranges, we have everything from traditional navy and black work shorts to stylised camo work shorts to more job-specific colours such as white shorts for painters and decorators. Have a look and find the best pair for your circ*mstances.

Similarly, aside from regular colours, there is also our vast collection of hi vis shorts, which come in an assortment of fluorescent colours, such as red, yellow and orange. Reflective shorts in these colours may be a mandatory part of your job role, as set out by your business, or just something you wish to wear to keep you visible during adverse weather or when working in dark areas or at night. Either way, our range of hi vis work shorts is bound to help you.

Most of our fluorescent shorts have been deemed safe from a visibility standpoint based on them meeting the class criteria laid out in the EN ISO 20471 safety standard. If they have been designated one of the three EN ISO 20471 classes, they have been approved as being effective pieces of hi vis workwear. Many of our hi vis work shorts have also had a Teflon® treatment, which ensures that they are dirt resistant, resulting in the product remaining visible for a longer period of time. You can rest assured you are purchasing quality workwear from some of the industry's finest, and the long utility of the garments reflects this fact.

Work Shorts for all professions

Our shorts can come in various different forms and types which will suit the styles of different workers. For example, cargo shorts. Having a loose fit and a couple of large pockets creates a style of shorts that wouldn’t look out of place outside of the workplace as well as on it.

While we have a great selection of all-rounder work shorts that can apply themselves well in a whole host of situations, we also have specific work shorts that lend themselves well to certain job roles. An example would be carpenter shorts that are fitted with holster pockets to make carrying necessary equipment easier and feature 4-way stretch which enables the unrestricted movement a carpenter needs to do their job to the fullest. Another example is shorts intended for painters and decorators being white work shorts that have an elasticated waist and patch pockets on the front and back, ideal for carrying brushes and pencils in a way where they can easily be accessed when the wearer may be up a ladder or be limited on space.

We also stock construction shorts, electricians shorts, and shorts specifically for warehouse workers. Take a look a the range to see everything on offer to the many trades and professions we serve.

Great Deals onWork Shorts

Our huge range containswork shorts at great value and they are all listed here in this collection. If you are looking for particular deals why not also head to our Deals section where you can find specific sections forshorts on Sale,special Bundle dealsand also a selection of low price,cheap shorts.

Work Shorts delivered worldwide

At Workwear Gurus, we deliver shorts to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

We stock Blaklader shorts, Mascot shorts, and much, much more from other industry veterans, each with its own selection of great workwear features.

Work Shorts - Top brands, all trades (2024)


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